,This cellist embodies a magical mutability  beyond all musical stereotypes and boarder-lines.’ Der Tagesspiegel

Eckart Runge bridges the gap between the great classical repertoire and popular music forms such as jazz, rock, pop, tango and film music in a way that is unique to the world of classical music.

With thirty years of experience as founding member of the internationally renowned Artemis Quartet and celebrating his 25th season with the Runge & Ammon Duo, touring both established music halls and clubs, his work is connected to the ‘late Beethoven’ as well as to the music of Jimi Hendrix, Chick Corea and Miles Davis.

Eckart harnesses this diversity to serve an intense artistic expression and passionate communication of music. As ‘Die Welt’ newspaper put it: ‘For a couple of seconds everyone in the audience stopped breathing, then the tension dissolved into enthusiastic applause. Unforgettable!’